Garena Free Fire game – tips to jostle in wisely


The Garena Free Fire game is a battleground game with more than 50 other players are there to challenge the player to live longer in the game. But if the player gets killed then he or she has to play the game again. There is some unknown and unseen place where player has to drop with the help of parachute. The first thing which player does there is that find the place to hide and find medical kits to heal and weapons to shatter the enemies. For novice player Garena Free Fire Cheats worth handy and useful to obtain game currency.

Function of the game

There are different types of functions to use such as shoot, jump, crouch, and lay down. The player can interact with weapons crates, vehicles and a door by tapping on the buttons on the screen. The button on the right corner helps the player to select the weapon from the inventory.

Have chat and conversation with other teammates

Player should build a squad of at least 4 players and have chat and conversation with them and order and command teammates to lead to victory and be the last player of the game. The game of only 10 minutes is easy to play for the new player to survive for longer time.

Awesome real and smooth graphics

The game graphic is so much real and smooth which always attracts the player. It gives the player real battle experience and enjoyment.

Coins and diamonds

Coins are regarded as the primary game currency which is used to purchase Diamonds. There are few other methods also to earn Coins in limited quantities by completing daily quests and watching videos and by using Garena Free Fire Cheats generate game currency in the game.