Types of Currency in Castle Clash


Castle Clash is the most liked game among all other strategy based games. It is a most popular game in this new era of modernization and available free of cost on various websites. The game is available for both Android and IOS users. The game includes different types of battles and wars. It also consists of various battle modes like co-op and PVP mode. There are so many ultimate heroes, weapons, resources, and equipment in the game which help you in the battles. To become the best player in this game you need to upgrade all your resources and weapons to survive in battle. For this, you need a good amount of in-game currency as it helps in upgrading everything in the game.

Types and Uses of In-game currency

  • Gold – It is the primary currency in castle clash. It is collected through gold mines and stored in gold vaults. Gold is especially used to purchase and upgrade the weapons and buildings. The most common use of the gold is to upgrade and unlock more powerful and strong heroes. Gold can also be earned by raiding other players as well.
  • Gems – These are another most important currency in the game. It is used to complete the actions and operations faster than before. The main purpose of the gems is that it can be exchanged with other in-game currencies. More powerful and ultimate heroes are purchased with the help of gems and also to upgrade them. If you have lack of gems, then didn’t worry about it because these can be purchased by real life money or by getting Castle Clash Cheats.

There are different types to earn the gems free of cost like, by login into the game you get 5 gems as a bonus and more when you claim your daily rewards and daily bonus. Another way is by completing lots of achievements and by raiding your enemies.


The Resources plays an important role in the game as these are used in hire units, upgrade heroes and so many other things. The more and more resources you have in the game the more you survive long in the ongoing battle and wars. These can be earned by playing more and more battles and wars. By completing different types of achievements and raiding enemies, you can also get some resources. Resources are the most important part of the game as these are very important to survive for a long time into the game.